We have competent instructors who are not only qualified but also dedicated and compassionate

Teachers With Vision

Our Instructors

Our esteemed institution boasts of having a team of truly exceptional instructors. They possess both the necessary qualifications and a deep passion for their deep, ensuring that each and every student receives the very best education possible. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have such a dedicated group of educators on board with us, and we have no doubt that they will continue to inspire and motivate our students towards achieving their goals.

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Raabi’ah Bakre

Sis Raabi’ah is one of our success stories at Recite and Ascend Academy. She started off as a student , passed through all the levels of tajweed courses, and also completed her memorization of the Quran. She’s since then been giving of her knowledge to women in her local community by holding quran and tajweed classes in her living room. She has also volunteered with women only institutes to teach the same.
Being a homeschooling mama of 4, Raabi’ah has a special way of connecting with children, and she does so effortlessly with the little ones placed in her care at the Academy. She teaches the foundation of Quran recitation, Quran memorization, and Islamic studies to children from the age of  5 years old.
She’s not only passionate about teaching, but she also cares about each child’s welfare as if they were hers and makes an effort to support their learning and growth as much as possible.
She hopes to become certified in all the 10 riwayats of the Qura’n in the nearest future.

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 Maimunah Yaqub

Sis Maimunah holds an Ijaazah in Quran memorization, Muqaddimah Al-Jazariyyah, Qasidatul Khaqaaniyya and a certification in psychology and teaching methodology, Maimunah is a highly skilled Quranic teacher with extensive experience and a natural ability to connect with students of all ages and backgrounds.
She teaches Tajweed and Quran memorization at our Academy.

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Anisat Alayode Balogun

Sis Aisha was raised at a young age upon the Qur’an, she has participated in different Qur’an competitions across different categories both at the local and National levels. With a 15-year teaching experience in Qur’an Memorization and Recitation, she tactically teaches, trains and mentors her students to become proficient reciters and memorisers of the Qura’n.
She teaches Tajweed and Qur’an memorization at the academy

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Hassana Saheed-Elelu

Hassana Saheed-Elelu
Born and brought up in Saudi Arabia, she’s always had a love for the Qur’an and Arabic Language. She’s a haafidha who holds an ijaazah in the Recitation of Aasim with an authorized certification granting her permjssjon to teach Qur’an recitation and memorization with tajweed.
She has a BA and MA in Arabic literature with a PHD in view in the same field.
She’s taught Quran , Islamic Studies and Arabic language in different capacities across all levels of education and currently teaches the same subjects at our Academy. to connect with students of all ages and backgrounds.
She teaches Tajweed and Quran memorization at our Academy.

Saheed Abdulwahab

Saheed Abdulwahab Abu zafeerah is a Haafiz who completed his Islamic education to the thanawi level at a reputable institute of Arabic and Islamic studies and is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree at the international University of Quran.
He has a combined experience of about 10 years teaching the Quran in a physical classroom and online.
His area of expertise is Qur’an memorization and Arabic Language and he teaches same to the boys enrolled at the Academy.